100's of Paedophile networks exist in Ireland. Many people will say that Ireland does not have 7,000+ Active Paedophiles.

My response is:
· Does the Gardai know everyone who takes Cocaine.
· Does the Gardai know everyone who sells Cocaine.
Those who say Ireland does not have 7,000+ Active Paedophiles should say how many they know or think is in Ireland. Put a number on it.
Most standing in this Election don't have a clue about Paedophiles or how many are in Ireland.
Do they care ?? If they did they would be taking about it. Are they ??
Most people think Paedophiles are aged 55 - 80+ years old. This is not the case.

In Ireland today 7,000+ Active Paedophiles are made up of:
6, 493 male, 505 female and 2 transgender.

Of these:
750 are non - EU Nationals, 2,000 are EU Nationals, 250 Northern Ireland and 4,000+ are from the Republic.
The Majority fall within the age group of 20 - 45 years old.
The Youngest in just 13 years old.
The oldest is in his 90's.
Croke Park full of Children aged between 6 - 10 years old (boys or girls or both), a single Paedophile can pick out Children that can be sexually abused who will not talk / tell anyone.
No permanent cure or treatment exist.
No treatment is 100% safe.
Paedophiles need to be put under 24/7 365 Electronic Monitoring for Life.
All Children are in Danger from a Paedophile no matter how old the Paedophile is even in his 90's.

Vote Gorman number 1