I respect the Sinn Fein members and supporters and the Votes that Sinn Fein will get in this General Election. It is important to respect the voters who will vote for Sinn Fein. If I am elected I will sit down and listen to what Sinn Fein has to say. I hope that Sinn Fein will do the same. Respect costs nothing.. Unlike others I respect all who will vote for Sinn Fein.. I know that I will not agree with everything thats in the Sinn Fein Manifesto.. and I know that Sinn Fein will not agree with all thats in my Manifesto.. Sinn Fein and I both agree that Fine Gael and Labour must be removed from Government in the interests of the people of Ireland. I ask and appeal for Sinn Fein members and supporters to use their Vote in A Tactical Way.

Please Vote Chris Andrews number 1
Please Vote William D.J. Gorman number 2.