We need to do work here in Ireland.
I propose that action be taken to bring into Government thinking " Greens".
We need action, not more thak I would cancel Metro North and the Dublin Dart Underground.

Ireland needs Water and Energy Security.
And by having that up to 50,000 new jobs. real jobs.

My plan is to build 2 Hydro Dam'. 1 in Donegal and the other in Kerry.
Both Hydro Dam's will have it's own water desalination plant to take sea water and remove the salt.

Having 2 building projects. Ireland would have Water and Security.
We would also put 1,000 of jobs working on the 2 projects, The Water
Desalination plant for each Dam will lead to water security.

Moneypoint power is the single largest emitter of greenhouse gases.
By building 2 hydro dam's with each one having a Water Desalination plant will give Ireland Water and energy and cut by 50%+ Ireland's greenhouse gases.
1,000's of new jobs in Ireland given even more Security.