The Dept. of Finance is like a clock that has no battery. The clock shows 5:05. Well the clock is right every 12 hours 5:05 am and 5:05 pm.
The Dept. of Finance got things so wrong in 2008. Ireland to have soft landing.
Now the Dept of Finance is getting things wrong again.
Will the next Government to have extra money maybe up to €12 Billion ... or maybe it will be €8 billion.. or maybe just €3.5 Billion.. extra to spend.
We will only know the amount when its in the bank.

The Dept of Finance takes no account of :
Higher Interests rates by the E.C.B. up to 150 points to go up in 3 - 5 years. Higher Inflation up from zero to 1.25 %. Higher Oil price. up from the rate today to a high one within 3-4 years. Higher Unemployment around say.. 7% to 7.95% Lets be clear once the interests start to go up they will go near up 2%..
The Irish property market will be hit hard and fast and will keep been hit time and time again. Ireland must be ready for this.
Property prices may fall back to 2010 levels. The E.C.B. would like to see interests rates set round 2%The E.C.B. would like to see inflation at round 2%.The E.C.B. would like to see Oil Prizes at round $75.00.
A person on a Tracker Mortgage will face a 150% rise in Mortgage repayments within 3 to 5 years.
The Dept of Finance works with a lot of if's and's but's and maybe's....