I am against the decriminalizing and Legalise Of Drugs for personal use. You may not know that Ireland must pay over €100+ Million Euros each yearto the European Union because of Drug use here in Ireland. Money that should be put into the Housing list or cutting the Hospital waiting list. If Drugs like: Cocaine, Heroin, Ecstasy, Cannabis Herb/Resin, Ketamine and Crystal Meth was all Decriminalized for personal use the following would and will happen:

1. The price of Drugs would go up by 10 - 15% overnight.. thats a fact.
2. House Crime and Car Crime would go up by 20%.
3. House Insurance would go up within the first year by 30 - 40%.
4. Car Insurance would go up within the first year by 25 - 30%. It should and must be noted that most house and car crime is done because of the need to get cash / money to buy drugs.
5. Gun crime would go up by 20 - 30 %.

82% of students have taken illegal drugs. 55% of the LGBT Community have and are taken illegal drugs. Drugs are a threat top the person, family, society, the economy and the State.
Action must be taken.
The Gardai and Customs & Excise say that they seize 1 in 10 shipments of Drugs in Ireland. This is not true.. it's a lot of Bull. The Gardai don't know how many people take drugs or sell Drugs and thats a FACT.
Action needs to be taken.
500 extra Drug Dogs are needed for the Gardai and Customs & Excise.
A Drug Dog is worth the same as 10 members of the Gardai. All non - E.U.
Nationals in Ireland that buy and sell and use drugshould be deported.
All Citizens from Ireland and the European Union Nationals will face cuts in Tax allowance's, tax Credits and Benefits who are found buying, selling and taking drugs. 25% cut for 1st. offence. 50% cut for 2nd. offence. 75% cut for 3rd. offence. 100% cut for 4th offence. for up to 1 to 5 years. Lets have a real war on Drugs, those who buy, sell and using, not just using words, Action must be taken.
Vote Gorman number 1.