1979, over 1 million people was at the Papal mass in Phoenix Park.

I was asked to be like so many other an altar boy's to take part in the mass.
I was very ill and was unable to go. I did talk weeks after the mass with altarboys and a number of them had been abused on the day of the mass. I reported this.
And a number of altar boys told that they had been abused.

I was sexually abused as a child from the age of 3. I was never abused by anyone with the church. I was not raped by any priest.
I was excommunicated by order of Cardinal O'Fiaich because I helped the alterboys come forward. The Church was very powerful in the 1970's/ 80's..

I was told by the priest at my Mothers funeral mass that I had to leave the church or my mothers funeral mass would not go ahead in Nov 1996.
I did leave the church then went back into the church just before the mass started. I sat at the rear of Donnybrook 4 row left hand side.

In 1998 my Father died, members of the army went to Garret FitzGerald and Garret went to the church and I was allowed to sit at the top of the church for the funeral mass of my Father.

At the end of the Mass I asked for the battle hyme of the republic to be played for my Father. I was not told that the Army went to Garret FitzGerald at the time of my Fathers death,.. I found out 2 years later in 2000 what happened.