The only way to fix the health care in Ireland is to build more hospitals 16 to 18 new hospitals are needed.

The hospital waiting list is now 450,000.
no one has come up with a plan to cut the hospital waiting list.

Action must be taken. The people of Ireland will need to give to the Next government " War Like Powers ".
Thats what is needed and then to go forward with a plan to cut the waiting list as fast as possible.

The H.S.C. must be abolished.

We need 18 new hospital built under 3 into 2.

All new hospital would have the same design. this would save in costs.

The new hospital will be built under 3 into 2. Build 2 large hospitals close 3 small ones.

Each new hospital will have;
A&E dept with up to 100 beds
I.C.U. with up to 25 beds
H.D.U. with up to 50 beds
post op with up to 50 beds
pre op with up to 100 beds
wards with up to 600 beds ( 40 bedspaces per ward @ 15 wards ).
opeation/theatre 30 theatres.

This is what each new hospital minimum. 30 opeation / theatres + 925 bed spaces... I want to cut the hospital waiting list down.

The cost of €3.5 billion to be put into cutting the hospital waiting list times and cutting the list down.
The money will only go for new hospitals.
Health costs €13.2 billion a years...
How will I pay for the new hospitals.
restore the pension levy for 6 years. cut the drugs bills.. cut and cap overseas aid, a cap of €150 million for the next 8 years.
All staff with the Health/ hospitals must work a min of 40 hours per week...
€100 million for new hospital staff who must speak english and write english.
all new staff work 42 hour week under 3 or 5 year contract.

All hospitals public and private will come under control the office of the Minister of Health.