I have been attacked by others in this General Election concerning the care I gave to My Mother and Father and also matters concerning my private life. I Must therefore reply to these lies that have and are being said these are personal attacks on myself and are a sign of panic.. Things are being said by people who think they know things but know nothing. I set out the Facts concerning my Mother and Father.

My Father Thomas Gorman took ill in 1995. My Father was in St. Vincent's Hospital Elm Park. A meeting took place between Medical staff and the Family. Only My Mother and I turned up to the meeting. At the meeting we was told my Father had dementia and the staff wanted to send my Father home. I informed the Medical Staff at the end of the meeting that I would go over my Mothers head and make my Father a Ward of Court and get Courts Orders not to send my Father home. My father was never sent home but a place was found for him in Leopardstown Park Hospital.

My Mother did ask for help from the Irish Army as my Father was in the Irish Army. A meeting took place in the family home. Members of the family was ask to come to this meeting. Only 3 people took part in this meeting, a member of the Irish Army, my Mother and I no one else turned up. At this meeting my Mother told the member of the Irish Army of the debts that was owned. After this meeting I told my Mother that I would deal with the debts, no if's and's but's or maybe's.

My Mother did ask other members of the family for help.. My Mother made it very clear that she would change her will and leave the house to all 6 children. I knew my Mother made this offer to the rest of the Family. By the end of 1995 I paid off over £15,000 of the debts.

My Father was very happy in Leopardstown Park Hospital. Most important My Mother was happy with the care my Father was getting. My Mother then took ill in 1996. Before going into Hospital a meeting took place in the family home between my Mother and her Solicitor and one other person. I was not part of this meeting, it took place on the 5 of September 1996. My Mother signed a New Will on the 5 of September 1996. My Mother took very ill and had to go into St. Vincent's hospital Elm Park.

Myself and others would take it in turns to see my Mother in Hospital, so she got to see people not all in one go at one time. One day I rang up and was informed that My Mother was going down for treatment, my Mother had Cancer. My Mother made clear to all that she did not want treatment. I told the staff at the Hospital over the phone that I was on my way up to see my Mother and that no Treatment was to take place.

I phoned my Mothers solicitor for a copy of a letter dated the 5 of September 1996 which I was told of by My Mother but never saw or told what was in it. I also phoned the Gardai in Donnybrook, asking for help at the Hospital. I was given a copy of my Mothers letter signed by her Solicitor I then went to St. Vincent's Hospital. When I got to the ward 2 members of the Gardai from Donnybrook was waiting for me. I gave the Gardai the copy of my Mother letter, after they read it they then said they wanted to talk to my Mother alone. Which they did. After about 10 minutes the 2 Gardai came out of the ward my Mother was on and stated to the Medical Staff and myself. That My Mother did not know what was about to happen, she did not give her consent and if any person was to do anything to Mrs. Gorman then a complaint could be made to the Gardai which the Gardai would act on, both members of the Gardai said that they would give evidence in a Court of Law about what my Mother told them and both Gardai said that my Mother was of sound mind. My Mother never went for treatment for cancer that was my Mothers wish.

My Mother was then moved to Our Lady's Hospice Harold's Cross. I Had to go to London for 3 days. In that time someone got the keys from a person living in Pembroke Cottages a friend of My Mothers and items was removed from the house.

The last words my Mother was able to say before her death was.

your a stubborn, pigheaded, redheaded little shit and bollocks but your my stubborn, pigheaded redheaded little shit and bollocks. You did want I wanted. You did not let them hurt me. I love you.

I stayed the next 2 full nights with my Mother in the Hospice. I left about 6 am to go home to get something to eat. I had just made a cup of tea when the Hospice rang to inform me that my Mother had died. I went back to the hospice. I rang Leopardstown Park Hospital and asked the staff to please get my Father ready as I wished to take my Father to the hospice to say goodbye to his wife. A friend who had a Car took me to see my Father and we took my Father to the hospice. My Father was very up set he did not believe that my Mother his wife had died as she was still warm.

After my Father saw a member of the family in the office signing for my Mothers items which this person had no rights under Irish Law to take items that was the property of my Mother and the hospice had no right in Irish Iaw to give my Mothers property to any other than my Father. My Father ordered the member of the family to hand over the items.

I don't know if all items signed for by the member of the family was handed over to my Father. I informed Leopardstown Park Hospital that I was going to keep my Father at home till after my Mothers Funeral.

A friend and myself looked after my Father. then a member of the family from the Uk took my Fathers old bedroom. This member of the family had a husband and Child in the UK.

The Family wanted my Mother's will read before her funeral. At the reading of my Mothers will I asked the family did they want cars they said no. I stated that I would have my own car and that they could have the family car to themselfs. My Mother did state to the family in 1995, that if they helped in someway concerning her husband my Father, she would leave the house to the 6 of us. It was only at the reading of my Mother's will that I found out not one member of the family gave any support to my Mother. My Mother would have kept her word.

I did think that members of the family was going to help and that the wills would leave the house to the 6 children. Thinking that this was going to happen I took action with a friend and in October 1996, I took 50% in ownership of a house. My Mothers will stated that the house went to her husband and then to me and only me not to any other member of the family.

A Day or two before my Mothers funeral the member of the family from the Uk was putting my Mothers clothes and things in black bags. My Father asked this person what she was up too. She stated that she was moving into the house and putting my Mothers clothes etc in the yard to make room for her things. I was not in the house when this was going on. I was in a house across the road a friend called me back to the house. My Father hit the roof ordered the family member to get the fuck out of his house and never come back. Who the fuck did she think she was putting his wifes clothes out in the yard. My Father asked me for the phone number of another member of the family which I gave him. I then went to the house across the road and phoned my Fathers Solicitor who was also my Mothers. I told the solicitor what had happened and he said "your Mother is not even in her grave and this is going on". I asked the Solicitor does my Father have the right to kick the person out of the house and my Fathers solicitor said yes it is his house and that is that. You are the only member of the family that is allowed to stay in the house no other member of the family that is what your Mother and Father wanted.

My Mother's funeral. Donnybrook Church was full for my Mother's funeral. Just before the Funeral Mass for my Mother was about start the priest wanted to see me. The priest told me that I would have to leave the church. Why? Because I was Excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church by order of Cardinal Tomas O' Fiaich. I was told I must leave the Church or take my Mother to another church.

I said that I would go. I walked out of Donnybrook Church onto to the public footpath outside then went back into the church and sat at the rear on the left hand side.

I did keep my word to leave the Church and kept my word to my Mother to be at her Funeral because I told my Mother that I would not sit with the Family. My Mother understood my reasons why.

After my Mothers Funeral I was told that my Mother was my Fathers second wife and my Fathers first Wife was my Mothers sister and most of the family was Adopted. I asked a member of the family why was I not informed. The reply I got was "If you want to know I should have asked." How would a person every think that their Mother was the second wife of their Father and the First wife was your Mothers sister and that the family was adopted.

I then had to deal with a problem with my Mother's grave, then the family wanted to kick my Mothers friends out of a Car I got because it was my Mothers wishes. Then members of the family tried to kick me out of my Car.. which I told them to the family car was for them this was mine.

I talked about my Mother at the graveside which my Mother's friends liked but some members of the family did not. Members of the family wanted a photo taken I did not want to do that but my Father said to do it because at some point someone would ask questions about me and find out the truth about all I did for My Mother and Father when the others did nothing. At the afters in a pub in donnybrook 2 members of the family said that a bullet had my name on it. I did not think much of what they said at the time.

After my Mothers Funeral I think it was the next day I took my Father back to Leopardstown Park Hospital. I went to see my Father 3 times a week till his death in 1998.

One day a friend called out to see my Father and my Father told him that people tried to get my Father to sign a new will a member of staff at the hospital also said that she would not sign the document. I was told by my friend what my Father and member of staff said. I phoned my Fathers solicitor and a meeting took place 2 solicitors and myself. I do not know if my fathers solicitor went to see my Father and talk to the staff member.. But a record of the meeting with the 2 solicitors about this matter is on file.

In March 1998 a member of the Gardai said that I should be careful about my safety.

In 2007 I had a meeting with a Member of The I.R.A. one of those who I had saved. At that meeting I was informed that a Contract for £2,500 was taken out on my life in 1997 and that a family member paid for the contract. I was informed that the I.R.A. found out about the contract and had it stopped. The member of the I.R.A. also informed me that in 1996, I was attacked by 2 men and one tried to put a Knife into my head that the I.R.A. believe that the 2 men was paid to kill me.

Now the above are the facts of how I took care of my Mother and Father. I followed their wishes and their wishes only. Only my Mother and Father have the right to Judge me.. I did what I was asked to do as a son and I hope any son would do the same for his Mother and Father.

I was sexually abused from the age of 3.
The abused was stopped by order of the I.R.A. Army Council.
I was Excommunicated by order of Cardinal Tomas O'Fiaich.
I helped a Lesbian couple who wanted a Child. My Son was born. I did make payments, my Son died before his 8 birthday.
I did take part in 2 porn films in 1985 / 86.
I am bisexual.
I am a member a group that supports safe BDSM.
I have since the age of 18 years of age to date, I have had sex with 3,000+ people, having sex 4 / 5 times per week all safe sex.

I know that 12 members of Fine Gael and 15 members of the Labour party have copies of the porn films still.
Even after 30 years.. I don't think I was any good in them.
Yes I have had sex with 3,000+ people.
I do not take drugs, no under aged, all with consent.
Fine Gael and Labout members know that I am into BDSM.
Yes I am a Dom / Top. I like to tie people up if and only if they wish.
So does the Gardai know.
No complaint has ever been made against me.

I state this, not because I want to make my private life public.
Others are doing that with the personal attack on my Mother and Father and how I took care of them.
Yes you do have a right to know the person standing for office..
You now know more about me than any other Candidate in this or any other General Election.