Islamic State are planning to launch a large scale attack on the LGBT Community here in Ireland, which may coincide with Gay Pride Dublin.

The Soft Targets are:
Panti Bar, The George, The Front Lounge, The boiler house.

The attacks will be coordinated, to hit all targets at the same time.
The attacks may take place at Gay Pride or any Friday or Saturday night after 8 pm.
8 to 10 members of Islamic State may be involved in the attacks. Each will have, Hand Grenades, AK47's, Suicide Belts / Vest packedwith 1.5 to 3 Kilos of High Explosives. Mass Shootings and then Suicide Bombings. It would take up to 15 to 20 minutes for armed Gardai E.R.U. (emergency response unit) to respond. With respect to the members E.R.U. going up against an AK47, the Gardai would have little hope.
The Firepower of a AK47 has to be seen. I have.
The gardai would have to call out the Army which would take up to 15 - 20 minutes.
In total 30 minutes could pass before the Gardai and Army have the Firepower in place that would be needed to deal with 8 - 10 members of Islamic state.
In that time up to 500+ people could be dead or injured. That's a simple FACT.
I support The Irish Army and The Gardai. Whatever they need or want they must get to protect the Citizens and People of This Republic.
It is not a Question of if Islamic state attacks, it is only Question of When.
In Ireland today more than 400 support and fund Islamic State.

I ask for Your number 1 Vote.
Vote Gorman number 1.