"Now we all know there are people who will never work. Who are Allergic to Work, so we're not including these in the Statistics, but everyone who wants a job will have a job in the next couple of years".
said by Michael Noonan 7 May 2015 "Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce Lunch". What was said was supported fully by the Labour Party.
This is absolutely outragous and typical of Labour and Fine Gael in Government, this Government attitude shown time and time again, uttercontempt for those on low incomes, the unemployed, the sick, old age pensioners, the homeless, the working poor, those hardest hit by there cession and those from Marginalised Backgrounds. Labour and Fine Gael are just being insulting and offensive to the Citizens and People of Ireland.
Those who are unemployed are genuinely trying to get into the workforse.
But we don't have the Jobs. Where are the Jobs??? We need 300,000 Jobs. Where are the jobs??
It should be noted that when Labour and Fine Gael took office in 2011 Ireland had about 19,000 Millionaire's.
To-day 5 years later Ireland has 90,000 Millionaire's. 340% incerease. 70,000 Millionaire's made by Labour and Fine Gael in just 5 years.
Now you know who Labour and Fine Gael have been working for, over the last 5 years. It's time to give Labor and Fine Gael a Kicking.
Don't Vote for Labour or Fine Gael the parties of the Rich and the parties who attack the poor.

Vote Gorman number 1.