I have long links to and with the LGBT Community going back now 36+ years. Time has gone by very fast.
My first LGBT Venue was the IGRM off bachelors walk in Dublin 1.
My very first pub I was drinking in was The Viking Bar on dame street (now brogans). I was underage when I was drinking in The Viking Bar.
I then became a Volunteer in the Hirschfield Centre, helping others get out GCN. I helped on the Door of Flikkers Disco at the weekends. In the 1980's I also gave out free Condom's to sex workers male and female.
My first election as a Candidate in an Election was as a Candidate standing for Election to the NGF (did not get a seat).
In the 1980's and 90's along with 3 others, we paid for the Funerals of members of the LGBT Community who died from HIV / AIDS, who's families disown them.
About 8 years ago I put forward a proposal to have a Private Members Draw, the Prize being a house in Dublin with €100,000 to do up the property and all profits from the Draw about €100,000 to €150,000 would go to the LGBT Community in the hope toset up something like "The Albert Kennedy Trust" in Dublin to help young homeless people in crisis.
I got no support for this. No one came back to me to talk about it. The Draw Never took place.
I was involved with 4 others to try and buy The Dragon and the Howl at the Moon. I was to be 50% owner of the Howl at the Moon and work also in the Dragon Bar. If things had worked out. We had a cash offer but a problem took place with the otherside and no offer was made.
I was also then going to seek to buy brogans of Dame street and reopen it as the Viking Bar, just like the old one.
In 2015, I took a very very small part in the Marriage equality Referendum. I did give €1,250 to groups on the YES side. I know that it was very small but it was something.
I am Bisexual. I am Not a LGBT Community Canidate. I am a Candidate for all, young, old, able, disabled, straight, gay, bisexual and transgender.
I ask for your number 1 vote.

Vote Gorman number 1.