Renua wants to abolish road tax and put 5 cents on petrol and diesel. Sounds good..... IT'S NOT... Renua's plan will lead to: Food inflation, rise in bus and taxi fares, push up wage costs and lead to 30,000 more on the dole. Poverty rates will go up by 30% to 50%.

By putting up the price of Petrol and Diesel will lead to increase in all food costs, transport costs bus, rail, taxi would all increase. This would lead to Labour Costs going up Wage inflation leading to higher costs being passed on like 5 cents rise in the price of a pint in a pub.

30,000 jobs would be lost. People would travel to the North to do shopping like in the 1980's. People going to the North could save 15 to 20 cents per liter on Petrol and the same for Diesel. The cost of living would go very high. Than road tolls would come into Ireland.

A vote for Renua.
Is a Vote for Higher food prices.
Is a Vote for Higher Poverty.
Is a Vote for 30,000 jobs being lost.
Is a Vote for Higher transport costs.
Is a Vote for Road Tolls.