Social Welfare Fraud is about €250 Million Euros a year. I have never reported anyone for Social welfare Fraud and would never do so. This may sound very strange for an election Candidate to say and put on the record, let me tell you why. When I was small in Donnybrook I saw a lady buy her shopping week in and week out after about 2 years I asked my Mother a question. Mum, Mrs X, I see her buy her shopping but I have never seen the dog.. What type of dog is it.. I see Mrs X buy dog food.

My Mother said:
William, Mrs x does not have a dog or any other pets, she buys dog food because it is for her to eat because thats all that she can afford to buy on her very small pension. I was Shocked that was in the early 70's (73/74).
Today 2016 1 in every 4 children go to bed without food hungry.
School children are taking food from other Children at school because they have no food.
Students, many male students are now Gay For Pay, selling their bodies for money in order to buy food and keep a roof over their heads. That is why I have never and would never report someone for Social Welfare Fraud.
42 years after what I saw as a child, we now have things worst than ever before. All this under a Labour and Fine Gael Government.
The Labour Party that attacks The Poor and gives to the rich.