Obesity is a threat to the health of the Citizen and to the Health Service. Cancer rates are on the rise. The U.K. in the years ahead will face 750,000 extra cases of cancer linked to Obesity.

Here in Ireland Obesity will put great pressure on the Irish Health System. Obesity will cost an extra €1.95 Billion Euros a year.
We need to take action.

I propose in my plan:
· A Suger and Salt will go on all foods like, cakes, biscuits, crisps, chocolate, soft drinks, ready made meals etc.
· The Suger Tax will be 0.002 cents per gramThe Salt Tax will be 10 cents per gram.
· A bottle of 7up 1.25 litres will have a Suger Tax of 28 cents and a Salt.
· Tax of 5 cents. A 1.25 litre of 7up will cost an extra 33 cents.
· Cup of Tea will go up by 5 cents Pot of Tea will go up by 10 cents.
· Bowl of soup will go up by 5 cents. Fish and Chips will go up by 10 cents.

If a Chipper gives away a bottle of 7up for an order of €25.00, the Suger and Salt Tax must be paid.
The Suger and Salt Tax is about reducing Consumption of added Suger and Salt in Food. Consumption would be cut by up to 60% within 3 years. Jobs will be lost but as many of the items are made overseas job cuts will be small in Ireland.