In the 1980's on 2 separate occasions I saved the lives of a number of Active Volunteer's and members of the I.R.A. Both times I spotted wires from the underside of the car. First time I did not know what it was, on the second time I knew it was a bomb.
I said to the men on the second occasion that we are all "dead men walking". They said I was a "Dead Man Walking", a nickname the I.R.A. members gave me that day, that I am still called today. They asked me if they could do anything for me as I had saved their lives.
I asked that those who are hurting me would be made stop.
3 weeks later I was taken by a member of the I.R.A. one of those who I had saved to a meeting.
At the meeting was all the volunteer's that I had saved, and a number of other people.
A man asked me if I was willing to take an oath. I said I would be willing. I was asked to place my hand on the Irish Tricolour and make an Oath. which I did.

The Oath I took was:
1. Not to tell the names of the Volunteer's the members of the I.R.A. that I had saved.
2. Or give any information that could lead to their names being known to the Gardai etc.
3. No information on the two cars would be given.
4. No information to be given about the 2 locations.
5. And No information of when where and what time the two separate occasions concerning the actions i took to save members of the I.R.A.

I was asked then would I give my word not to tell anyone about the meeting, not to give any information about who, what where and when, concerning the meeting. I asked if I was to make an Oath on the tricolour.
I was told no my word would be O.K. I gave my Word.
A man got up and walked over to the table which the Tricolour was on. I did not know who this man was. I did find out some time afterwards that he was a Senior Member of the I.R.A. Army Council.
This man then placed his hand on the Tricolour and stated that those who was hurting me would be made to stop and that they would never hurt me again.
I was asked to leave the room and go outside, which I did. I did not know what happened after that until 2007. I was told then what took place in the room.The Man, gave 2 orders.

1. That those who was hurting me was to be told to stop or made to stop by what ever means had to be done. The I.R.A. was ordering the abuse to stop and that no one was to hurt me.
2. That all members and Volunteer's of the I.R.A. was to take action by whatever means to keep me safe and so long as I kept my oath and Word no one was to hurt me or put my life at risk.

The Senior Member of the I.R.A. Army Council said that the army Council was giving a Guarantee over my safety. And that all members and Volunteer's was to take whatever action was required to keep the Army Council guarantee in place and that action was to be taken against anyone that put my life at risk so lond as I kept my Oath and word. The I.R.A. kept their word the abuse was stopped within 2 weeks of the meeting.
In 2007 I was told by one of the members of the I.R.A. whos life I saved that a person had put out a contract out on my life in 1997 and that it was a family member who had paid someone to kill me. The I.R.A. found out about the contract and stopped the hit. The I.R.A. believe that an attack on me by two men in 1996 in which they tryed to put a knife into my head, that those two men was paid by a family member.
Today more than 35+ years has passed and I have kept my oath and word to the I.R.A. The I.R.A. have kept their word to have the abuse stopped.
I will keep my oath and word till the day I die.
I can only hope that the New I.R.A. Army Council and all Volunteer's will keep the oath given all those years ago by a Senior member of the I.R.A. Army Council, that I would be kept safe..
I thank the I.R.A. for stopping the abuse....

God save Ireland, God save this Republic.