I ask and appeal to the membership and the supporters of the Labour Party to take back the party from those who have done great harm. The Labour party has moved from the left to become a Right wing party that attacks the poor not poverty.

The Labour membership must act before its too late. The membership needs to act take back the party from those who have acted against the people of Ireland.

The Labour Party of today is the party that acted in making more than 70,000 extra Millionaire's and at the same time 1 in 4 children are going to bed with little or no food, 1 in 4 old age pensioners are in poverty, Ireland now has the working poor, 450,000 on the hospital waiting list, 150,000 on the housing list.
The poor in Ireland are getting poorer and the rich is getting richer under a Labour and Fine Gael Government.
The membership of the party must act like what has happened to the Uk Labour Party.

Start anew. A Fresh Start..
Remove all T.D.'s that have acted against the people. Who have acted against the poor in Ireland. The Labour Party now acts for the rich. This can only be stopped by the membership.

I call on all Labour Party members and supporters not to vote. Don't Vote for the Labour Party Candidate. Support the poor.. remove all who stay in the way..