I became friends with Tony Gregory after the 1997 General election.
2 members of the Gregory Group pointed me out to Tony, that I was one of 4 people who in the 1980's and 1990's paid for the funerals of members of the LGBT Community who died from HIV/AIDS disowned by families and friends.
A number of the funerals paid was for people in Dublin Central.
Tony would ring me 2 or 3 times a week. I am the person who told Tony in 2006 that Fianna Fail was going to run 3 in Dublin Central in the 2007 General Election.
I loved Tony and I know so many loved him as a member of their own family. And Tony was a member of our family because he cared.
I miss him like a brother. I am very upset and angry at how some people are using Tonys name and it just looks like Tony's name is being pimped out for anyone to use. Tony is dead I know many still miss him. He is gone from us and he needs to rest in peace and keep his good name.. No One and I don't care who...no one has the right to use Tonys name or try to say how tony would vote today... Some people are using Tony's good name to buy votes... I am pissed off with this and it must stop now...