I am a Brooker (born in donnybrook), a Dub, A Republican and a Irishman.
I wish like all True Son's and Daughters of Ireland, I would like and wish for an United Ireland by Consent. An old saying "never let your heart rule your head". I wish for a United Ireland but hand on heart I know that it will not be possible over the next 25 years. Northern Ireland is a Non - fuctioning Economic entity, 1 in 3 work in the Public Service, just 15% work in the Republic.
The Deficit is higher in the North about double what it is in the republic head to head. The 1.8 Million people in the North can't support themselves.
We in the Republic can barely stand on out own 2 feet as it is with 450,000 on the Hospital waiting list, 150,000 on the Housing list, 1 in 4 Children going to bed Hungry and 1 in 4 under 25's unable to find any work.
Economic instability if not sheer collapse of the Irish State under the weight of the North would drive us all backwards.
I do wish for a United Ireland by consent.
We are not ready for it now We need to get things right for both the North and the Republic. Maybe by 2050, things will be right for a United Ireland.
Lets work together for that day.
God save the Citizens and People of Ireland. God save this Republic.

Vote Gorman number 1.