USC brings in €4 Billion a year. Does anyone believe that USC can be abolished without any others Taxes going up or cuts the Public Services or both.
Anyone who believes and thinks that a Tax of €4 Billion a year can be abolished without other Taxes going up or cuts in Public Services or both is a fool, eejit and Total Gobshite.
The USC is a cash cow its that simple. For USC to be abolished other taxes will have to go up. To have no USC, and no other Taxes going up, no public services to face any cuts. Ireland would need to have growth of 7.79% a year for the next 15 years. 7.79% growth a year for 15 years would be needed to pay for The National Dept., public Service, and to cutother taxes.
This is not going to happen. So lets be real. Keep the USC until we have better public services, health care and nost important.